Friday, 15 April 2016

Amanda Carroll Art

Art, colour and the great outdoors are my therapy in a life consumed by pain and Amanda Carroll combines all three to produce art work that I simply can't stop looking at.

Despite living with a chronic illness Amanda produces art that brings the outdoors into our homes and I find looking at them is like a breath of fresh air. 

'Energy' an original seascape by Amanda Carroll

My favourites are the paintings of the waves. I find tranquility when I listen to and watch the waves of the sea, it's the place I feel the happiest. I love how Amanda has used shading and texture to portray the crashing of the waves so well that I can almost hear them and smell the salty, refreshing air. The two pieces are cleverly titled 'Freedom' and 'Energy'. Both words describe things that we crave whilst feeling trapped and worn down by pain and fatigue and yet they are traits that the majestic sea has in abundance. 

'Blaze' an original aurora painting by Amanda Carroll

Her paintings of the Aurora Borealis are also remarkable. The contrast of the light and dark create a breathtaking image that captures the beauty and awe of the real Northern Lights. 

'Into the Light' an original sunrise painting by Amanda Carroll. 

I'm drawn to Amanda's site regularly to view her artwork again and again as I see some of my fondest memories of sitting watching the sun set behind the sea perfectly illustrated in her seascape paintings. They allow me to be transported there without having to actually go anywhere. 

If you, like me, are a fan of Amanda and her art you should visit her new folksy shop where these stunning paintings are available to buy.

 You can also follow her blog where she puts updates, and unveils each new work of art.

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