Friday, 1 April 2016

Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother's Love & Taylor Swift.

This week I 'met' a lady called Elizabeth, or as I knew her @ourtaylorstory 

I was feeling a little bit down after another set back in my blogging journey, when she offered me the chance to read her book  "Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother's Love & Taylor Swift".

After a look at her Twitter profile I was intrigued and jumped at the chance to read it. She was prompt in sending it so I was able to start reading it that very same night, and reluctantly had to put it down a few chapters in so I could sleep. 

The next night I couldn't wait for the kids to sleep so I could begin reading again and I didn't want to stop. Although Elizabeth wrote about her experiences with her rare disease and the medical profession it wasn't a hard read and her story flowed well.

The book is split into two parts. The first part deals with her cancer journey, while part two focuses on their goal of meeting Taylor Swift. Elizabeth gives the reader the option at the beginning of the book to skip to part two if they just want the Taylor Swift story. 

I enjoyed reading part one, yet I wasn't prepared for all the emotions I would feel as Elizabeth describes the day she was told she had cancer and all the events that happened after. She writes in such a way that I could try to imagine what it felt like to be in her position and the plethora of emotion that goes with it as well as frustrated and exasperated at all the doctors with their conflicting theories that ensued. 
I was amazed and inspired by her strength as she never gives up. 

This part of the book is fantastic for people wanting to understand more about the process: medically, emotionally and physically, that someone goes through in a situation like this. Although Elizabeth stresses that this is her story and her experiences she is very comprehensive in her description of each stage and how the family experiences them, that I think many people will benefit from reading it.

Part two filled me with amazement at Elizabeth's tenacity once again and the mothers love that saw her push through her debilitating symptoms to pursue her goal to fulfill her daughters dream. I found the strong bond and love between Elizabeth, Marc and their daughter Page extremely endearing and found myself rooting for them throughout their adventures. So much so that I almost cheered out loud when they saw their first sign of success! 

I was also pleasantly surprised and moved by the kindness and generosity of Taylor Swift and the people around her. 

I enjoyed "Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother's Love & Taylor Swift" by Elizabeth Gross and am impressed that she battled through her illness to share her story. I am grateful that she did and I'm sure it will benefit many others as it did me. 

Visit to purchase the book, all profit goes to raise funds for cancer and invisible illness research and support.