Sunday, 24 April 2016

Discovering talents

don't know who to credit this image to, a cousin of mine posted it last week on Facebook and it was just what I needed to read at the time I needed to read it. 

Each day passes and I don't feel I've achieved very much. I have a strong desire to succeed but it's prevented by a body and mind riddled by illness. This proverb reminded me that I can still achieve, little by little. 

Living with a chronic illness means having to think outside the box to accomplish what we want in life. I'm always inspired by Jessica Taylor, who runs a charity from her bed, 'Share A Star'to send a message of hope and to help children who are seriously unwell. I meet people daily online who, despite living with chronic illness, make such beautiful creations and works of art; bloggers and writers whose words motivate, inspire, spread the word and transport us away from our sick beds. 

Before I developed ME I enjoyed walking, exercising, and dancing.  When I could no longer do these I struggled. I don't have any particular gifts or talents and I had to try a few things, when I could, to see what I could do with the limited 'spoons' I had. 

I spent a lot of time pondering and reflecting. The main questions I asked myself were: 

What excites me? 

What do I enjoy reading/watching? 

What gives me energy? 

What do I think I'm good at?

What would others say I am good at? 
(Don't be afraid to ask them!) 

What are my core values? 

What is important to me? 

Whilst in this process someone suggested writing a blog. I discovered a passion I didn't know I had and I became a blogger. I love writing, but I wouldn't say I was a proficient writer. Blogging gave me a platform to express myself informally. It also opened up a world online of like-minded people. It felt like the perfect fit for me and I still absolutely love it. It's not been an easy route, but then the best routes never are!

What's been your experience? Have you discovered new talents or ambitions? Were you able to continue and strengthen the talents you already had? I'd love to hear, leave a comment below :)