Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mr Brownstone by Yasuhiro Onishi

I was browsing an online art gallery when I scrolled past Mr Brownstone and had to scroll back. As I looked into his face his sad countenance resonated within me. The other portrait work I have seen from Yasuhiro Onishi can be quite uncomfortable for me to look at with their piercing eyes, but I keep being drawn to Mr Brownstone. 
Although he has the piercing eyes with the dark circles and the little pupils, they convey a deep sadness and struggle. 

The beak on his nose suggests ridiculousness to me, making me think of a jester making others happy whilst hiding his turmoil and worry.

I guess that's why it resonated with me. Living with an invisible illness is exactly like that each day. Putting on a smile for others whilst hiding our struggles, worries and sadness. 

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