Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kindness is the essence of greatness!

9 years ago I thought I was on the way to greatness, or what I deemed greatness. I had overcome the insecurities of my youth, I had found a job I loved and I had buckets of will power and motivation. 

When ME/CFS/SEID hit I lost all of it overtime. My limited capabilities meant that I had to stay in bed and I thought that I was achieving nothing. (I learnt that listening to your body, being able to pace and live within your limitations takes a different kind of will power and motivation!)

What I like about the quote above is that it emphasises that greatness doesn't come from all we achieve. To be great starts with who we are. Our kindness has a great impact on those around us and it's affects are far reaching. We can achieve more than we know. We can  be kind no matter what our capabilities :) 

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