Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Value of a Hobby

There have been many times since becoming ill with ME / chronic fatigue syndrome where I feel useless and good for nothing. I always tried not to dwell on those thoughts as they lead you down a slippery path to nowhere good. But despite being told otherwise by my wonderful family, the thoughts would still persist. It didn't help that I couldn't do anything and depended on people to do everything for me. I decided I needed a hobby. It felt like an impossible task at first, everything required energy that I did not have. However, I knew that by using what very little energy I had to create something, it would give me the sense of purpose I was craving for. I started doing cross stitch, a very simple stitch, and I chose a simple pattern. Everyday I would do a couple of stitches or more depending on my energy levels, and I eventually completed my picture. It took me months, but I felt proud of myself. I am an active, productive person trapped inside a poorly body, and in some small way I had a sense of achievement again.
These days my children give my life more meaning, but I still like to have projects to boost the confidence I have lost through being inactive for so many years. These projects can take a long time to fulfil, but I no longer worry about the time it takes me to accomplish something. I guess having an increase in patience is something I can thank ME / chronic fatigue syndrome for! 

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