Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Magic of Music

This has been one of the most painful weeks I've experienced with ME / chronic fatigue syndrome.  It's made everything extremely difficult,  and my attempts at staying positive,  happy and patient have not always been successful.  Logic and reason don't stick around when my health deteriorates and the pain increases. This week has made me appreciate the people in my life even more,  especially the little ones.  They show patience and understanding when I have little left,  and they never moan about my limitations, even though they impact their lives greatly.
I've had to strip life back a bit more,  and writing this blog post is proving a bit more difficult than usual,  but a positive to all this is that I've rediscovered the magic of music this week.  It's been a wonderful distraction (my guilty pleasures play list always brightens my mood when I can tolerate it). At times when I have felt stressed and anxious with the pain,  music has served to calm me and help me cope better. I find I can tolerate soft classical music when others genres are too much for me.  One morning,  the kids seemed excessively hyper and my patience had gone off to work with my husband.  I searched for Ludovico Einaudi,  in what I now know was an inspired move.  His music had my children spellbound and peace reigned in our home.  The change it affected in me,  helped me more fully understand that music can indeed be therapy.  My stress and anxiety gradually changed into peace and calm, and I was able to cope much better.
The music doesn't always have the same  affect on my children, but it does in me and I need to remember to utilise it more.

What music/song is your therapy?