Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Friendship SeeSaw

On Sunday,  I made what seemed like an Herculean effort to go to church.  I had no strength to move anywhere,  so I just sat there and watched everyone chatting.  A couple of people came and said hi.  I was grateful,  but I wasn't the best conversationalist.

I started to think about 'friends'  and one of the things anyone with a chronic illness has experienced is the loss of friendship. I see friendship as a see saw. Some stalwart friends understand that we can't make the effort we always have and put in more than their share to keep the see saw going,  even though it's harder.  Most people think the game has finished and get off the see saw,  willing to have another go,  if and when we get back on. 

I don't think those people who get off are awful people,  I just don't think they understand that we still want to play.  Maybe they see me playing one day and wonder why I can't play the next.  It's not an easy illness to understand,  even when you live with it.

I decided that maybe I need to make a bit more effort to play,  not fully pushing the see saw,  but I can give a shout out that I want to continue.  I can write letters,  emails,  texts,  maybe on good days a phone call or have them visit.  If they're still not playing,  there's always someone who will be grateful for a letter,  an email,  a card and that's the way new friendships are made :)