Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stopping to See

The pace of life has slowed down further,  not through choice, but I chose at the beginning of the year to be grateful for whatever came my way.

It's not always an easy task,  but not having as much strength does mean I spend more time still and able to observe the blessings I have around me.  So many people are busy with endless to do lists and stresses of life. Even I tried to continue doing the small activities and tried to push on through,  but I couldn't cope and quickly became overwhelmed by it all.  It's that feeling of being overwhelmed that should be our calling card to STOP.  It certainly was for me.  When brushing my teeth became overwhelming I knew it was time to cut back again.

Prioritising and cutting back on all non essential (and some essential that could be delegated) activities has enabled me to gain control and removed the panic.  My relationships with my family are less strained because I am no longer at my wits end. They still have my constant presence,  but this time with no distractions.  It's made a difference and the value of a calm,  peaceful person (mostly,  anyway!)  in a house where each person has their own trials and stresses cannot be underestimated! :)