Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stoo's Story - An Artist and Research Engineer

I have had ME for about ten years: in my case, it comes and goes and I have many long periods of excellent health.  However, this week is a momentous week for me as my pension fund will make a decision on my application and I expect I will very soon be retired, but for the next few days at least I remain a research engineer at the University of Dundee.  I work in a team of designers and engineers set up twenty years ago by an eminent surgeon to make specialist instruments for keyhole surgery.  The painting is a scene from open surgery (colectomy - removal of (part of) the colon) and was undertaken when we were designing new instruments to allow colectomies to be done through keyholes, rather than through a big incision in the belly. I did the painting in acrylic on a piece of old hardboard and it's only the second colour work I've done in acrylic, so my technique is still a bit hit-and-miss: I think the style of the hand in top left is a bit different from the hand in the foreground.
I have done a few paintings using just one colour (plus black and white to change the hue): a couple of portraits in various shades of grey, a stoat in blue and a crow in vivid orange!  It's a cheap way of getting your hand in - you only need two or three tubes of paint!  I haven't yet done a landscape, so that'll be my next project...