Thursday, 4 February 2016

South America, Peru by Caroline Davis

This fabulous post is written by Caroline Davis. I would enjoy the posts she submitted on the MEspace Facebook group from South America and it kindled a desire in me to want to know more, as I knew so little. Caroline kindly agreed to my request for more information and how grateful I am. The post is fascinating and inspiring. Its packed full of wonderful, beautiful photos and videos that helped me to see how she developed a love for the culture. 


Peru is a land of amazing variety,  deserts, Amazon Rainforest, and  the Andes . There are several different distinct cultures, as this short tourist film shows "Te Amo Peru, The Inka`s Empire Fights Back."[ Te Amo Peru means, I love Peru]

Perhaps the best known region is the Andes, it is also the most fascinating. The Inka Empire stretched along the length of the Andes, Cusco was the capital city of the empire which lasted until the Spanish invasion. Many of the people were killed, 90,000 in one day for instance. The Inka`s had the most amazing skills the secrets of which were lost. For instance the stones used to build Cusco were cut in the quarry on the mountain side across the valley from the town, then they were transported down the mountain to the valley , across the river, then up the steep hillside to Cusco, all supposedly without metal tools or the wheel, some of these stones are huge, as big as a double decker bus, they were cut to fit so exactly together that you cannot get a razor blade between them. Present day Cusco has Spanish buildings constructed on top of the old Inka buildings. Here is a video of a Sunday market in Cusco,

The most famous place of all is Machu Picchu, it is a five day walk up the Inka Trail to get to it, though these days you can get to it by train and road. Nobody knows how the amazing trail was built along the sides of the mountains, it was an incredible feat, nor is it known how they could possibly have got all the stone up there to build Machu Picchu.  Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru, Nuevo Maravilla Del Mundo:

60% of the construction is under ground, massive foundations and butresses together with an advanced water system leading from the spring. [ there are many video`s on you tube about it ] It is a magical and awe inspiring place.
Today the culture and traditions are kept alive, there are wonderful holiday destinations. I am told there are very good hotels with wonderful food , and there is lots to do.  There are many Festivals and Carnivals too,   Ayer by Diogenes Cuenca, who owns the copyrights to this video, it is used here with his kind permission.

There are also historic battle re-enactments like this one set amid awe inspiring scenery with wonderful music , this is a trailer for a forthcoming DVD by Indiogenes, the copyrights to this are owned by Diogenes Cuenca and it is used here with his kind permission.

Here is a sample recipe from Peru,

Translation of the ingredients,
1/2 Chicken,
1/4 kilo fresh peanuts without the skins,
50 grams Maize flour [corn meal],
1 Bunch Corriander,
1/4 kilo Fresh Casava,
2 Cloves Garlic.
No method is given but I have used guess work,  Cook chicken, chopped peanuts and casava with the crushed garlic in enough water or stock to cover, when it is all tender remove chicken and casava from pan and chop finely, return to pan mix the corn meal with a little water and add to pan cook till thickened and add the chopped coriander.