Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Poems from Dolly

Dolly's story "I have been ill for 7and a half years. It has been progressive despite doing all the "right" things and spending many thousands on "treatment". All the early symptoms were neuro and I have the brain lesions. I am housebound(tho not Bed)and use a wheelchair if I have hospital or doctors appointments. My worst symptoms are permanent flu & nausea. I started to write poetry as it is something my Dad did. He died very suddenly 8 years ago I collapsed soon after. It is thought this was the "trigger" after a series of accidents,family illnesses and relationship break up. Like us all I had always been a million miles an hour person. Loved the outdoor life and was very fit and sporty. I feel that by taking up poetry writing I am still close to my Dad as it is something he always encouraged me to do. I also enjoy listening to soothing music and watching the birds on my garden feeders. I have the love and support of my family and this helps to give me much needed courage in my worst moments."

Enjoy Dolly's poems below:


In a sunlit wood not far away
Under trees where rabbits play
A fragrant blue carpet is laid each year in May
The beauty to take your breath away
Singing, dancing in the warm spring breeze
Peeping at you from beneath the trees
The fragrant Bluebells lift your heart
As you breathe their scent so deep
No one can take this beauty from you
It is yours to love and Keep


Flu and spew, pain and poo,  you find that you can't even stand up too
Fatigue.. The doctor says to you,  if only that could just be true
Every day you feel so ill ,  no,  you can't just take a pill
C. B. T and G. E. T.....  This is what they think you need
This should get you up to speed
If only the docs would see your plight, although you try with all your might
There really is no end in sight
Please be patient,  my dear friend...
We all get there in the end.


Here we all are on ward 40
Some of us are often naughty
Sneaking off out to caff or pub
So that we can get some decent grub.

The staff can be a right damn pest
Nattering when you need a rest
"Take your pills" or "let's go paint"
Even when you're feeling faint

The beds in here are made with lead
It doesn't help your aching head
The sofas -  they're from times long past
No good for your painful ass

Ward forums they are real good fun
We all complain,  but nothing's done
In the garden,  plants are dead
"No more money",  it's been said

Although we like to whinge and moan
Really it's like home from home!!


Where is the girl with the smile on her face
With sparkle in her eyes
And laughter in her voice
She is not lost forever
Just hiding for a while
Sometime in the future not too far away
She will emerge from sleeping
To lift your heart again
There is no time for sorrow
For tears or despair
It is enough to heal her
Just knowing that you care
A better person will emerge
Less vain -  less self aware
Soon will come the butterfly
Soaring higher in the air
Ever stronger and far wiser
With lessons learned for life