Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Poem: Invisible by Dolly

Why can't you see the agony I go through everyday?
Got flu,  feel sick,  in so much pain
So many symptoms,  can't explain
I feel so very,  very,  ill, yet I can't take a single pill
Why don't you do this or that they say
I do,  but it won't go away
Do they think I have not tried?
If I was not so brave inside
By now I would have surely died
To those who look and still cast scorn
I say but just one thing
Please don't judge you just don't know the agony I'm in
If you could have this illness for even just one day
Instead of pouring scorn one me,  you would take a different tack
And wish with all your heart,  that Vickie could come back.