Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Hero doesn't wear a cape

My husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary last week.  He proposed when I was at my worst with ME and with no hope of recovery. What a guy! As my previous boss told me, not many men "would take that on." Although my husband would beg to differ with that, I agree and don't take it for granted ...  Most days!

As much as he hates this kind of thing,  I want to extol his virtues.  He has many,  so I'm going to focus on him being My Hero when in regards to helping me cope with ME.  Everyone who is ill needs someone like this and I want to dedicate this post to him and all the partners/ family/ friends who bear our burdens right along with us,  carrying more than their fair share to try and ease ours.

My hero only has to look at me to know how I'm feeling and when it's time to stop.  

My hero always fights my corner,  saying no to things so I don't have to.

My hero works full time,  then comes home and does the 'housework'  that I can't do.

My hero doesn't think anything of missing out on get togethers,  nights out or day trips,  because I'm too poorly.

My hero happily keeps me company,  quietly,  whilst I'm crashed on the bed.

My hero doubles up as a great walking stick.

My hero is my confidence when I feel vulnerable venturing out of the home.

My hero makes me laugh everyday and helps me to laugh at myself so that life never becomes too serious.

It's not easy living with chronic illness,  but it's equally not easy living with someone who is chronically ill.  They choose to do this and I hold my hat off to them,  THANK YOU!