Wednesday, 3 February 2016


This past year I have met so many wonderful people through MEcuperate.  One person in particular has been a massive support to me.  The more I know her,  the more I see she is an angel in disguise.
Bella is a carer for her teenage son who has ME.  Last year she set up a website called MEspace. I first heard of it through Action for ME and when I saw the website I felt like I'd stumbled upon the site of a kindred spirit.  MEspace focuses on creativity and the positive aspects of life to cope with chronic illness.  It's exactly what I'd been trying to achieve as I set up MEcuperate

The great thing about MEspace is that the site is interactive and not only can you feel the pleasure of looking at the talents of others,  but there is the doodle gallery where you can express your own creativity. I have really enjoyed the eye catching doodles,  they certainly lift my spirits. To call them doodles seems to be a disservice, they're little pieces of art!

MEspace is a wonderful environment for social interaction too.  Visitors are encouraged to share their art work and share photos of their pets etc.  I love this aspect of the site.  The photos of people and their pets are so warming and as you well know,  I enjoy so much seeing the work and talent of others.  

For me,  Bella 's blog is one of the highlights of the site.  She writes well and from the heart.  Many of her blog posts have been a great help to me,  and coming from a carer,  she offers a valuable insight into her role.

The MEspace Facebook group accompanies the site and I doubt you will find a friendlier,  more understanding and fun group on the Internet.  I certainly haven't.  Each day there are a plethora of contributions from the members.  Each contribution serves to uplift, brighten, solve problems or entertain.

As I seek out the good things I feel grateful for positive places like MEspace on the Internet.