Thursday, 4 February 2016

Make ME Crafts

I am a huge fan of creativity and particularly the courageous people who fight the odds of illness to continue with their talents and continue to create in various ways. I endeavour to try and find and recognise these wonderful people. Throughout my MEcuperate journey I have come across many inspiring and talented people. Today, I feel excited because I have found the site that does exactly what I have felt has been needed. It is called MAKE ME and it is a place where crafters are not only recognised, but can sell their products AND help raise money for Invest in ME.

I want to quote from the About page of their website as their words fit are true and motivating.
"At 'Make ME' we aim to focus on the little things that people with this condition can accomplish, bit by bit, instead of the bigger things we can't; to shift attention to the positive ways we can still make a difference.
Being ill doesn't mean we have to stop being creative.
Even if we're stuck at home, or in bed, we can still contribute. Using the power of the internet and keeping our projects flexible enough to manage around our health, we can get our lovingly created crafts out there, raising awareness and fighting for real and effective M.E. treatments.
Crafts made by sufferers are listed at their own pace, as they complete them, with many sellers working on projects as and when they're able. There is absolutely no rush - no pressure. There are no demands or time-constraints.
It's not about how fast you can do something, it's about how well you can do something. We may be ill but we haven't lost our talent, our passion or our creativity. We just can't manage things on the same scale as healthy people. We might not be able to keep up with the break-neck pace of the world outside, but that doesn't mean we can't do something constructive; something worthwhile, bit by bit. To borrow a phrase from Tesco "Every little helps".

They want to help people find purpose again and do something rewarding for a good cause, to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a task and then have it appreciated by others.
There are some wonderful products on the site, their lists range from jewellery to soft toys, book marks to cushions and it is free to list your products. If you are a customer who wants to support this cause, or you have products you would like to sell then head on over to MAKE ME you'll be glad you stopped by!