Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I have heard countless number of people say we take too much for granted,  and although I never doubted them,  I didn't pay too much attention to what they meant.  Now I do,  I know I took my health for granted; my ability to do things without consequence.  I often talk now of the party I will throw when I am better (because I WILL get better),  and how I'll dance all night,  just because I'll be able to.
It's so easy to get used to what we have and fail to see how blessed we are,  because it's the same old,  same old.  I watched a program once where a lady said she was able to remain positive by keeping a gratitude diary.. Every night she would write in her diary the things she was grateful for that day  and she realised she had much more to be thankful for than she originally thought.  I've tried doing this recently,  not in a diary (although I should record it properly),  and it has helped me to see all the good things I have or that happen to me each day. I just know if I keep this up and make it into a habit that I cannot fail to be happy,  knowing that there's something I can be thankful for every day.