Thursday, 4 February 2016

Crystal Healing

Hey lovelies!
I'm Chrissy, and like so many readers of this wonderful site, I also suffer from ME.
My symptoms began around a decade ago, and by 2011 my health had become so bad, that I was forced to quit my job, leave university and move back in with my parents.
It was a difficult time, but through the darkness I discovered something that would become a bright and sparkly light in my life. Crystal healing!
My interest in crystals first began, when I was studying their scientific properties at university. As my knowledge of them grew, my interest in their metaphysical properties deepened, and before long I was spending much of my spare time, researching their application for healing.
It wasn’t until my health spiralled out of control however, that I truly discovered, just how powerful crystal healing can be.
Using crystals, I was able to ease my symptoms and reduce the number of medications I was taking. The improvements I began seeing in my health, is what sparked my passion for crystal healing.
So what exactly is crystal healing?
Crystal healing is a holistic therapy, in which crystals are placed on or around the body, in order to restore balance, health and vitality.
Crystals consist of atoms, which have a vibrational frequency. When brought into close proximity with the body, they then entrain the atoms within us, causing them to vibrate at the same frequency. It is this energetic change within our body, that promotes balance, vitality and healing.
Different varieties of crystals, have different vibrational frequencies, meaning that some crystals suit certain purposes better than others. With thousands of types to choose from though, there’s a crystal to suit most needs!
Crystal healing is used to treat a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional conditions, but as an ME sufferer, I find that crystal healing helps me most with:
Improving My Energy Levels
Crystals I love using: Citrine, Carnelian & Yellow Jasper.
Pain Relief
Crystals I love using: Malachite, Turquoise & Fuschite.
Easing My Insomnia
Crystals I love using: Amethyst, Celestite & Lepidolite.
Emotional Strength
Crystals I love using: Cobaltian Calcite, Green Calcite & Rose Quartz.
Becoming a Crystal Healer
My passion and enthusiasm for crystal healing led me to win a scholarship, to become a certified crystal healer. This truly fantastic opportunity allowed me to gain the skills, understanding and experience needed, to bring the benefits of crystal healing to others.
If you’re still on the fence about crystal healing I’d highly suggest picking up a few, cheap tumble-stones and giving it a try for yourself! Holding your crystal in your dominant hand, notice how it makes you feel. You may feel a strange sensation on your skin or notice other changes within you, that occur later, throughout the day.
With lots of love from the sparkly side,
Chrissy xx
Ps. Please note that crystal healing is a complementary therapy and should not replace the advice of medical professionals. :)