Thursday, 4 February 2016

Createability Team

I love the plethora of uplifting people I have come across on my MEcuperate journey. Last week I was introduced to the Createability group on Etsy and as I've learned more about them and their ethos I am uplifted and heartened that groups like this exist.
In their words "WE ARE ARTISTS AND SELLERS EITHER WITH DISABILITIES OURSELVES, OR CAREGIVERS OF DISABLED PEOPLE IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES. We may use art and Etsy as " therapy" and our link to network with others. Create + ability = Createability!
Our mission is to form partnerships for building our businesses, support each other, and encourage growth within the Etsy and artist community. We choose to take back control of the terms used around our various conditions, and hope to bring knowledge and awareness to those around us."
I underlined the last sentence myself,  I find it empowering, to have the choice to take control and achieve,  no matter our circumstances.
The team has over 200 members at the moment and the posts are all warm,  friendly and supportive.  There are varied talents and products,  here's a link to a thread on the discussions section,  where the members share their listing  Createability Team
It's wonderful to browse through and see such quality and talent. It's a worthwhile place to go when looking for gifts or treats for yourself too.

Beth Ward is one of the original members and captain. I'm grateful to her for sharing more information in this fabulous group as well as sharing her own story:

The Createability Team started in 2008. Our team founder, who is now in a very special place in heaven, started a thread in the Etsy Forums that gathered what was then a handful of people with a variety of chronic conditions and disabilities. There are now 206 members.
This year, the team launched a project to add a little joy to the Createability Kids, the unofficial mascots of the Createability Team. These are the children with a variety of conditions who thrive in the care of their parents or grandparents that are members of the Createability Team. The project originally began to send Christmas cards to the kids. As a team, we'd been doing this for a few years.
However, in 2013, we invited the entire Etsy community to send cards or small gifts to the Createability Kids. That's when things really took off. People and other Etsy Teams have been sending cards and little things based on the preferences and developmental appropriateness for each child on the list for every major holiday since. The children and families are loving it! Many of the people who sent things have told me that they got their families and offline groups involved. I am thrilled to have helped with that.

I myself was born with CP (Cerebral Palsy). I grew up in South Louisiana in a family full of creativity. I have dabbled in various mediums of arts and crafts since early childhood and taught preschool until 1995, when a car crash caused by a drunk driver changed my life and career path. I volunteered at a church and a charity that helped homeless families with minor children when I stumbled upon the art of cloth dolls in 2001. My mother and grandmothers taught me the basics of sewing and other needlework when I was little. I taught myself how to make dolls and other projects like purses and other accessories. In 2004, I started selling my handmade dolls online. I joined Etsy in 2008 and have been helping to shape the Createability Team ever since. 
Visit Beths shop:
Etsy - bethiefliestoo

The Createability Team can be found on the link provided above, plus on Facebook: Createability Etsy Team
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