Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clarity from Adversity

I loved our holiday last week for being able to spend some good times with my family,  for creating fond memories to look back on,  and enabling me to watch my boys have lots of fun with people they were very comfortable with.
It was very hard work and very painful,  but worth it. Home had never been so sweet as when we returned,  the pain subsided slightly and I knew home was where I could recuperate,  and I have.

Whilst I felt so poorly on holiday,  I pondered on why we have to go through such hard times.  I don't think there's anyone who goes through life free from some kind of adversity. I need to take stock every now and then and remind myself that there is purpose in everything.  I concluded that amongst other things,  it is only through these tough times that we truly see what life is all about.
By having to search harder for happiness we find it in places that are not fleeting,  but long lasting.
We learn key life skills that will enable us to live more peaceably with ourselves and those around us and give us strength to face other things that might come our way.
Hard times enable us to sift through the people that surround us and see find the gems that become the true treasures of life.

After reminding myself that there were positives to be found in feeling like rubbish,  I decided that any attempts to kick against the pricks were useless, and instead I should channel what little strength I had in enjoying the break from normality. Many memories were created and it's great to have something to talk about!