Thursday, 4 February 2016

Buttons Knits and Bits

Bonnie was one of the first people I met through MEcuperate.  She was a great support to have as I was starting out and her creations inspired me. I was awed that someone could make such beautiful items despite living with health limitations. She finds a sense of achievement in knitting as well as it being therapeutic,  and when her health permits she shares her knowledge and skill with others.

Knitting was part of my childhood,  my mum loves to knit and endeavoured to teach the craft to my sister and I.  Unfortunately I could never get the grasp of it, so I appreciate someone who is adept at it much more than I probably would have if I'd been successful. I have taken great interest in seeing Bonnie's hand knitted articles. She seems to be a master of a number of techniques,  stitches and wool.  She creates clothes,  teddies,  accessories.  Her talents with knitting needles are seemingly endless.

Bonnie's Etsy shop called ButtonsKnitsandBits is well worth a visit.  I've enjoyed perusing the images and seeing the quality of each beautiful piece she has made. I'm very grateful that if I haven't yet conquered the art of knitting that there is someone who has so adroitly.