Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Art: Unique Visionary Art

Art.  I know what I like,  at least I thought I did. It turns out I don't know much about art at all.  I'm enjoying learning more about it and finding out that there's an abundance of fantastic art to behold.

I had the pleasure of making new friends earlier on this year who introduced me to their website Unique Visionary Art.  The artist is Robert Higgins.  He creates his work "by means of expression, spiritual reflection and vision".

I had never heard of Visionary Art before, but after seeing Roberts work I was intrigued.  His pieces are so diverse and each reflects it's title so uniquely and beautifully.  I learned that Visionary Art is art produced by listening to the inner voices of the soul.  Visionary artists tend not to have formal training,  but instead use their inner voices to guide the piece.  What a fantastic form of self expression and I can imagine that Visionary Art is extremely therapeutic.  It allows you to express your feelings,  emotions and thoughts on a subject exactly how you feel it should be.

Understanding Visionary Art a bit more made the work of Robert Higgins not only beautiful but I became even more interested in the how's and why's of his creations.  The answers are left to my imagination and that's why I enjoy looking at his work time and time again.