Wednesday, 3 February 2016

8 steps to healthier eating

Healthy eating is important for anyone, but when your body is ill it is vital to ensure you give it the right fuel. Eating well helps your body and mind work to its best potential.

♥It's important to EAT REGULARLY to even out energy levels and reduce nausea.
♥Water keeps our bodies hydrated as well as flushing our systems of any chemicals.
♥Avoid sugar as much as possible as it creates unnatural highs and lows.
♥Avoid stimulants - alcohol, coffee, tea, cigarettes.
♥Eat whole foods, whole grains etc and restrict junk foods. Bananas make 'quick' healthy snacks, rather than biscuits.
♥Cook more than you need and freeze extra meals for another day. For days when  you haven't the strength to cook.
♥Make soups and smoothies as healthy meals for days when chewing is difficult.
♥Stock your cupboards with tinned, long life, packet, dried foods for those days you can't make it to the shop.